Harp Sandhu, BA Econ, CIM®, CPCA Senior Wealth Advisor

“Wealth management with a focus on cross-border is the core service we provide, but what we do goes far, far beyond money.”

Harp Sandhu can’t resist: when he sees a problem, he has to fix it.

“I have to help. It comes from my dad: he was known as someone you could always count on. He was always at someone’s place fixing something. So that’s the way I am. I will either fix it or ask, ‘Do you have someone? Because if you don’t, I do.’”

Harp believes there is nothing better in the world than helping someone achieve something. It is the core purpose that drives him every day, transcending work and personal time. His clients, who describe him as completely dialed-in on their lives, understandably resonate with his vision: in any situation involving money and life, we want to be your very first call.

“We want to set the standard across North America for highly-attentive personal and professional service. Wealth management with a focus on cross-border is the core service we provide, but what we do goes far, far beyond money. What we do is help people with a huge range of issues that may or may not relate to finances – something we call Biggest picture wealth management™.”

But nothing can happen without first building trust, which Harp believes is the world’s most important currency. Harp wants his clients to essentially be friends and family. He wants a long-term relationship with them, but it’s not something that can be rushed: it has to be a fit on both sides.

As he says, “We once had a potential client go elsewhere because he said we wanted too much of a relationship. That suited me fine.”

The holder of a BA in Economics, Harp has been in wealth management since 1996. He speaks Punjabi fluently, was born and raised in Campbell River, and speaks plain English – not lingo – to his clients. He founded the Rink of Dreams charity event and helped raise over $300,000 for the Help Fill a Dream Foundation. He thinks life is good, has worked incredibly hard his entire life, and likes to say he drives an Uber on the side – but only for his kids, and he doesn’t get paid.

Harp was recently named to Canada's Top Wealth Advisor List 2022.