Christophe Vencatareddy, CSC Wealth Advisor Associate

“It helps you build mental fortitude. Especially the kicks in the stomach.”

Christophe had never kickboxed before. But there was a mixed martial arts gym in his Vancouver neighborhood, so he decided to give Muay Thai a try.

“It helps you build mental fortitude,” he says. “Especially the kicks in the stomach.”

Sure enough, Christophe has always liked to try new things. He has never liked to get stuck in routines. As a youth growing up in Mauritius, one of his first passions was to read self-help books. And while he says they helped shape his life, he was not reading them mainly for self-development, but to develop the tools to help others.

That’s why he identifies so strongly with the core purpose of Sandhu Wealth, the statement of why Harp and his team do what they do: Because there is nothing better in the world than helping someone achieve something.

Christophe has a Bachelor’s degree in Management, several certifications including the Canadian Securities Course, and more than eleven years of banking experience with HSBC and the Mauritius Commercial Bank. His role with Harp’s team is to provide exceptional client service – including the opening and transferring of accounts on both the US and Canadian side, and addressing a wide range of client requests.

But don’t be surprised if you see him doing something extra. He tells the story of his previous job, in which he helped management create interactive dashboards, even though it was entirely unrelated to his roles and responsibilities.

“I had extra time at work,” he says. “Why not put it to good use?”